Wednesday, October 17, 2012

31 Days Nail Art Challenge

Hey Everyone,

For a while now I have been thinking of starting the 31 days nail art challenge, and now I finally have the proper time to do it! For those of you  not familiar with this challenge, this is it:

Basically, it's a list of themes put together by someone to use as inspiration for nail art. How it is interpreted is totally up to to every individual taking up the challenge.

For those of us into nail art, it is so easy to start finding it difficult to decide what to do with our nails and what color to paint them! It was only a few days ago when in one sitting I pained my nails 5 different times because it was so hard to choose. So I hope this challenge helps inspire me and maybe it will inspire you as well!

Tomorrow's post will be... RED Nails!

Stay Tuned

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