Tuesday, October 30, 2012

31 Days Nail Art Challenge - Day 2: Orange


I liked my Red Nails so much that I kept them on for a week!

Then it was time for the Orange nails. A few days ago I got the China Glaze Anchors Away mini bottles, and it included Life Preserver, a really nice orange that looked familiar. When I looked through my collection I noticed it looked very similar to my OPI Call Me Gwen-Ever; and they are indeed almost the same.

The photos don't do them justice and no matter what I did they looked much darker and more saturated in photos than in real life. I painted my left hand nails with OPI and my right hand nails with China Glaze. I kept them on for a couple of days before adding a gold glitter tip.

Let's have a look at the photos:

OPI Call Me Gwen-Ever
China Glaze Life Preserver

OPI With Glitter Tips
China Glaze With Glitter Tips

I found the glitter tips to be kind of sharp even though I really like the way they look. So I wouldn't be keeping them on for long.

Next in line is YELLOW nails!

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